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13 Tierkop Str Kraaibosch Estate, George, 6530
About Us

Family is our pride

Kraaibosch is situated in a security complex in George on the Garden Route. Family is our pride, we strive to protect, love and support our family. Therefor we created an environment where people can come that need help protecting, loving and supporting their family members. We are a small intimate facility where each individual is treated with respect. We provide 24 hour nursing assistance with trained and qualified staff on our team.

Our team consists of a Facility Manager, Unit Manager (registered nurse with 25 years of experience) 2 Shift Leaders (registered nurses with 50years of experience) Staffnurses, and careworkers.  

We believe that every individual has a right to basic care. We strive to deliver the best to each patient.


T: 044 004 0086
D: 083 663 4522
E: adeysel@georgefrailcare.co.za


T: 044 004 0086

E: mcarelse@georgefrailcare.co.za

Food & Drink

In-House Meal Service


Package Dependant


Package Dependant


Package Dependant

Coffee, Tea, Water, & Assorted Beverages

Package Dependant

Our Mission

Consistent with the values, principles and experience that characterize Kraaibosch Frailcare. We protect the rights of elderly by carrying out social initiatives aimed at encouraging their overall well-being and development. To give a loving, caring atmosphere and the assistance they need.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a reliable, nursing, loving service provider for the Elderly People. To provide what is necessary for everyday support for the elderly. To assist patients with everyday tasks and give support to their families when needed.  To develop a community of care and concern to all patients.

We will provide health services with compassion, accessibility, respect and excellence.


We have an on-site Physiotherapist.

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Policies & F.A.Q.


Amenities available (Ad-Hoc)


We offer nutritious meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.


As an optional convenience you can request that laundry be serviced.


General cleaning.

Hygiene (Groom & Dress)

This is vital in cases where patients find it hard to tend to themselves.

Bed Making

We offer daily bed making and linen changing for a good rest every night.

Enviromental Hygien

Tidy cupboards, room, check / pack cloths in cupboard.

Hair wash & Dry

We offer a personalised grooming fascility to assist the patient with washing and drying.


Walking, active and passive exercise, transfer/repositioning to improve mobility.


Removal & cleaning of contaminated, soiled linen and clothing;

and 14 more
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Pressure care;
  • Hand/feet/skin care;
  • Assist with meals [eating];
  • Serving meals/tea/refreshments;
  • Monitoring the resident’s nutritional status;
  • Shaving/waxing/pedicure/manicure;
  • Assisting with meaningful activities and social interaction;
  • Hand/foot/back/neck massages;
  • Elimination of body waste products;
  • Monitoring the resident’s welfare status;
  • Care partners [part-time or longer];
  • Care partners [full time, not a registered nurse]
  • All type of Consumables will be itemized and billed accordingly.
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044 004 0016
13 Tierkop Str Kraaibosch Estate, George, 6530