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We offer 3 types of frailcare services

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Frail Care

24hour nursing care for the frail and elderly. We have Daily activities are done from Monday to Friday with the help from a care worker.

Assisted Living

We have 3 levels of assisted care; Low-, Mid- and High Care. We assist and support each individual in their own units according to their needs.

Nursing Assistance

24 hour nursing care done by qualified staff. We offer care to the Assisted Living as per each individual’s requirement.

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Frail care is administered in the Frail Care Facility situated in the Health Care Facility.  It is available to owners and/or nominated occupants who are unable to look after themselves, and require regular nursing care and support.  This paid service is not medical by nature and a person with a medical condition will still be referred to a medical facility [hospital] or specialist treatment.

Frail care services is an independent service provided to owners and/or nominated occupants for their own account and include 24 hour nursing care [temporary or permanent], meals, refreshments, housekeeping and laundry services for the duration although all consumables are additionally charged for.  

Health Care duties for Frail Care typically include, but not limited to:
  • Administration of prescribed medication;
  • Monitoring blood pressure and/or blood sugar;
  • Monitoring of fluid intake and output, dietary intake;
  • Ongoing of periodic procedure involving injections, wound & catheter care;
  • Personal hygiene and dressing;
  • Mobilization and pressure care;
  • Ongoing communication with resident GP’s / specialists;
  • Monitoring of emotional disposition and mental stimulation; and
  • Monitoring and care for a person with Alzheimer disease and dementia
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044 004 0016
13 Tierkop Str Kraaibosch Estate, George, 6530