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We offer 3 types of frailcare services

A Modern Home In the Heart of George, Western Cape.

Frail Care

24hour nursing care for the frail and elderly. We have Daily activities are done from Monday to Friday with the help from a care worker.

Assisted Living

We have 3 levels of assisted care; Low-, Mid- and High Care. We assist and support each individual in their own units according to their needs.

Nursing Assistance

24 hour nursing care done by qualified staff. We offer care to the Assisted Living as per each individual’s requirement.

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The Service Provider will provide ad hoc services to Kraaibosch Village residents that may include medical care, medical checkups and monitoring, laundry and meals at a predetermined cost structure approved by the Owner in consultation with the Service Provider. An agreement at a fixed price with the Service Provider in conjunction with the Owner will be negotiated with the Kraaibosch Village Home Owners Association for a standby service to assist with medical emergencies and the possible incorporation with the current wireless nurse’s call system. The Service Provider acknowledge that they are capable to assist with medical emergencies and resuscitation of patients. Furthermore, all ad hoc services provided will be at the preferred rate as stipulated below. The price indication will be fixed for 2017.    

This service consists of specific services as may be required by owners and/or nominated occupants in his/her resident in the Kraaibosch Retirement Village.  This service can be requested by owners and/or nominated occupants on a short / long term basis and is calculated per time block:

  • Meals;
  • Laundry;
  • Cleaning;
  • Hygiene, grooming and dressing [e.g. bath, shower, bed bath]
  • Bed making;
  • Environmental hygiene and tidy [tidy cupboards, room, check / pack cloths in cupboard];
  • Hair wash and dry;
  • Hair styling;
  • Oral hygiene;
  • Pressure care;
  • Hand/feet/skin care;
  • Assist with meals [eating];
  • Serving meals/tea/refreshments;
  • Monitoring the resident’s nutritional status;
  • Kinetics [e.g. walking, active and passive exercise, transfer/repositioning;
  • Shaving/waxing/pedicure/manicure;
  • Assisting with meaningful activities and social interaction;
  • Hand/foot/back/neck massages;
  • Sluice [cleaning] of the contaminated, soiled linen and clothing;
  • Elimination of body waste products;
  • Monitoring the resident’s welfare status;
  • Care partners [part-time or longer];
  • Care partners [full time, not a registered nurse]
  • All type of Consumables will be itemized and billed accordingly.

The Body Corporate in conjunction with the Service Provider and Developer will be entitled to set commercially competitive rates for the services to be provided which is recovered by means of a monthly care levy, such fees to be agreed annually.

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044 004 0016
13 Tierkop Str Kraaibosch Estate, George, 6530